🦥9. Web3 Wallet in Lazy Soccer

The Need for Connection

Lazy Soccer is a free-to-play football manager. However, to use NFTs, gems, and the ability to earn after the game's launch on the mainnet, it is necessary to connect a Web3 wallet.

Connection Process

  • Wallet connection: You can connect your wallet by clicking on the plus sign next to the USDC icon or through the menu: "Profile" -> "Wallet".

  • Wallet options: You can create a new wallet ("Create wallet"), use an existing one by importing the private key ("Import private key"), or restore a wallet via a seed phrase ("Import seed phrase").

  • Transaction PIN: You need to create a PIN for transaction signing, which is required to be entered once per session when interacting with web3 assets.

Security and Data Storage

  • Key Storage: Private keys are stored exclusively on users' devices. If the app is deleted, the key needs to be re-imported.

  • Security Recommendations: When dealing with cryptocurrencies, it's recommended to create a new wallet in any app, including Lazy Soccer, or use an existing one with a minimal amount of savings.

Capabilities After Wallet Addition

  • Balance Display: The current wallet balance in USDC for the marketplace and ETH balance on the Arbitrum Sepolia network during the testnet/Arbitrum One network post-mainnet transition is automatically displayed.

  • Private Key Export: In case of seed phrase loss, it's important to save the private key on a secure offline storage.

  • Test USDC and ETH: An option is provided to request 500 test USDC once every 24 hours and 0.01 ETH once every 72 hours during the testnet period.

Important Wallet Security Reminder

  • Saving Key Data: Be sure to save your seed phrase and/or private key on an offline medium.

  • Access Recovery: This critical data preservation is essential for the ability to recover access to your wallet in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Asset Protection: Private keys and seed phrases are the only way to access your assets on the blockchain, and losing them can lead to the inability to recover the wallet and access the assets.

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