🦥19. How to earn in Lazy Soccer?

In Lazy Soccer, there are several ways to earn, including participation in in-game events and commercial activities. The main ones are listed below.

Prize Funds

Participants can earn valuable prizes as a result of achievements in tournaments, participation in strong Alliances, and even simply through active play. Prizes include functional game NFTs and gems that can be sold for stablecoins. There is also discussion about introducing a fungible token, a large portion of whose issuance will be distributed among players as rewards for activity and achievements in the game.

Breeding NFT

Creating new game NFTs, such as Lazy Staff, by breeding Lazy Alpha NFTs, and then selling them on the market.

NFT and Game Assets Trading

Speculating on price changes of NFTs and other game resources can generate income, especially if players are skilled at assessing the potential value of rare assets.

Friendly Matches with Wagers

Organizing and participating in matches where bets are made with gems.

Selling Upgraded Teams and High-Rating Players

In the future, it is planned to add functionality that will allow selling entire teams or individual players to other managers.

NFT and Player Rentals

We plan to introduce the possibility of renting game resources to other managers, which could become a source of passive income.

Sponsorship Contracts

In the future, sponsorship contracts may be added that will generate income based on the team's success and popularity in the game.

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