🦥12. Unions in Lazy Soccer: Social Aspect

Main Functions

Unions are associations of players created to improve communication, conduct joint events and receive bonuses. They serve as a social and strategic platform in the game.

Creation and Management of the Union

  • Creation Access: Only managers who own at least one Lazy Alpha NFT can create a Union.

  • Interaction: All transactions with Unions occur through the Community Center.

  • Types of Unions: There are open and closed Unions. Anyone can join open ones, while entry into closed ones is controlled by the creator or officers. The type of union is determined by its creator, and can be changed in the future.

Structure and Roles in the Union

  • Number of participants: Each Union can include up to 50 managers.

  • Roles: Union consists of ordinary participants, officers and a master (creator of the Union). Masters and officers can accept and expel managers from the Union.

  • Role transfer: The Master can transfer his powers to any other member of the Union.

Union Rating

  • Rating formation: The rating of the Union is determined by the sum of the ratings of its participants earned in official matches.

  • Match importance: Top-level matches, like the Champions League finals, bring much more points than matches in the top divisions, and even more so in the lower divisions.

Awards and Bonuses

Season Rewards: At the end of each season, the best Unions receive valuable prizes based on their position in the overall Union ranking.

Strategic Importance

Competitive Advantage: To strengthen their position, Unions strive to attract active participants who successfully perform in high-level matches.

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