🦥11.3. Lazy Boxes: Special NFTs with Gems in Lazy Soccer

Main Features

Lazy Boxes are unique NFTs designed exclusively for storing gems. Each box contains 25 gems, and the primary purpose of these NFTs is to provide players with a way to acquire gems through opening the boxes.

Using Lazy Boxes

  • Opening Boxes: The sole function of Lazy Boxes is the "reveal" or opening, during which users can activate the box to extract the gems contained within.

  • Multiple Openings: Players can open several boxes at once, up to a maximum of 10 boxes per operation.

Opening Process and Its Consequences

  • NFT Burning: After opening a Lazy Box, the NFT is automatically burned, preventing the reuse of the same box.

  • Gem Balance Replenishment: With each opened box, the user's balance increases by 25 gems. If a player opens multiple boxes at once, their balance increases proportionally to the number of boxes opened (for example, opening 10 boxes would result in a balance increase of 250 gems).

Importance of Lazy Boxes for Players

Lazy Boxes represent a valuable resource for players wishing to increase the number of gems available to them for use in the game, such as for enhancing their NFTs, acquiring new ones, or accelerating various operations in buildings.

Note: Although Lazy Boxes NFTs are actually stored on an external crypto wallet, they are categorized under the in-game wallet section for the convenience of users.

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