🦥15. Watching matches in Lazy Soccer

Once completed, each match is automatically moved from the Upcoming section to the Completed Games section.

Simulation and 2D Visualization

  • Simulation: Immediately after the match, a 2D visualization is available for viewing, where players move according to algorithms set for each position and situation, acting based on team tactics, their own skills, and the skills of opponents. An update to 3D simulation is planned for the future.

  • Simulator Development: The initial version of the simulator will be gradually refined with the goal of creating AI that analyzes the play of the world's best footballers to train players in Lazy Soccer.

Management of Settings and Viewing

  • Visualization Settings: Located in the lower right corner of the screen, a settings button allows you to change the appearance of the characters—from circles to sloths.

  • Viewing Speed: Speed regulators (normal, fast, very fast) let you adjust the playback speed of the match.

  • Match ID and Bug Reports: The ability to copy the match ID for reporting a bug or flaw in the game is also available in the settings menu.

Viewing Tabs for a Match in Lazy Soccer

Tabs for Match Viewing:

  • View: Displays the entire match with a timeline that allows navigation to interesting moments highlighted in a lighter color.

  • Log: This tab contains a chronology of significant match events, including goals, assists, yellow/red cards, and substitutions (which are implemented but currently disabled). The log can be presented in real-time (online) or at the end of the match (final).

  • Statistics: Provides team statistics both in real-time and at the end of the match.

  • Lineups: Shows the team compositions and formations.

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