🦥16. Team Fame in Lazy Soccer

Fame in Lazy Soccer is quite a complex parameter that reflects the level of popularity and prestige of a team. It directly affects the attendance of matches and, consequently, the team's revenue from ticket sales and other commercial activities.

A high level of fame not only increases fans' interest in attending matches but also enhances the team's attractiveness to sponsors and media partners, which in the long run contributes to the financial growth and stability of the club. It also influences the morale of players, improving their performance on the field.

Important note: during the open beta testing phase, fame is not fully integrated into the game.

Influencing Factors

  • Ticket prices: They affect the number of spectators. Optimal pricing is crucial to maximize revenue without losing audience.

  • Match level and team's recent results: High-level matches and recent successes increase fame.

  • Building influence: Level 20 buildings provide fame multipliers, increasing the overall fame gained from matches and events.


  • Fame bonus: Owning trophies boosts the team's fame. The prestige associated with each trophy may have varying effects on fame.

  • Duration: Some trophies may provide a temporary fame bonus, while others may have long-term effects.


  • Fame from Achievements: Milestones and accomplishments in the game can provide fame bonuses. For example, reaching the playoffs or winning the league.

  • Material Rewards: These may include in-game currency, player enhancements, or unique items that improve the team's capabilities.

In Conclusion

Fame in the game acts as a multiplier affecting the financial benefits from matches. Trophies and awards not only contribute to the team's prestige but also directly impact operational aspects such as match attendance and revenue. The interaction of these elements adds a layer of depth to the managerial experience, requiring players to balance between short-term gains and long-term strategic growth.

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