🦥2. Creating a Team in Lazy Soccer

Step 1: Registration

First, you would go through a simple registration process in the game.

Step 2: Team Setup

After registration comes the moment to create your unique team:

  • Team Name: Choose a name that will represent your team.

  • Abbreviation: Create a 3-character abbreviation that will be used to identify your team in tables and statistics.

  • Team Kit: Customize the appearance of your team's kit or use the random generation feature for quick selection.

  • Player Selection: Optimize your team's roster based on further descriptions.

These steps will help you lay the foundation for your success in the game and simplify the start of managing your football club.

The lineup of each team is automatically generated based on basic rules.

Basic Team Layout

  • Each team starts with: 2 goalkeepers (GK), 2 left and right defenders (LD, RD), 2 left and right midfielders (LM, RM), 4 center defenders (CD), 4 center midfielders (CM), and 4 center forwards (CF).

  • The total strength of the team is 5000 points.

  • The strength of each player at registration ranges from 200 to 300 points.

Age Structure and Energy

  • Teams are formed with players of different ages: two players aged 10 and 16 years, three players aged 11 and 15 years, and four players aged 12, 13, and 14 years.

  • Younger players have better development opportunities and recover energy faster; older players tire more quickly and recover more slowly.

  • All players start with an initial energy level of 100%.

Personalization and Rerolls

  • Initially, player names are fictional, but they can be changed in the future for premium currency

  • When creating a team, there are two opportunities to redistribute the strength of players (rerolls). If a player is selected before a reroll, their current characteristics will remain unchanged.

Example of Using a Reroll

Consider the case with Milford Finch (as shown in the screenshot below), a young central midfielder with a strength of 299. If he is selected before the reroll, his parameters will remain unchanged during the redistribution of strength.

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