🦥5. User Interface in Lazy Soccer

Selecting the character avatar located in the top left corner of the screen opens the quick access menu. This menu provides direct access to the main functions of the game. It makes navigation through the game convenient and intuitive, allowing players to quickly access the necessary management tools.

Profile Menu

This menu displays your current experience, level, and all the main settings.

Quick Access Menu Functionality in Lazy Soccer

  • Wallet: This section manages the web3 wallet where users can view their assets, import or export a private key, restore a wallet using a seed phrase, and request test ETH and USDC during the testnet phase.

  • NFTs: This section leads to the "Web3 Hub", providing options for managing NFTs.

  • RPC Provider: This section provides settings for the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) provider, which is an option for advanced users aiming to optimize interactions with blockchain networks.

  • Profile Picture: This section allows users to select an avatar from NFT images that are in their in-game wallet at the time of selection. Images from collections such as Lazy Staff and Lazy Alpha are available for use.

  • Change email: Here you can change your email.

  • Change password: Here you can change your password.

  • Apply 2FA: Add two-factor authentication for enhanced security of your account.

  • Change username: Here you can change your username. Note that only the first username change is free.

  • Change language: Change the interface language. Currently, English and Russian languages are supported.

  • Referrals: You can share your referral code with other players. This code can be used both at registration and afterwards in the appropriate section. Referrals earn you experience and a percentage of the experience they earn. A list of your referrals will be available soon, and the most active referrers will be offered additional advantages in the future.

  • Reports: The ability to write a report about a problem you encountered in the game.

  • Log out: Log out of the game.

Tournaments Menu

  • My Tournaments: Shows the tournaments in which your team is currently participating. At the start of the open beta, only the "Amateur Conference" and friendly matches are available.

  • All Tournaments: Lists all tournaments, including those in which your team is not participating. Tournaments in which your team participates are marked with a sloth icon.

Friendlist Menu

Located in the "Community Center" building. Here, you can add friends, accept friendship requests, and manage requests for friendly matches.

Statistics Menu

Provides statistical information such as the list of the strongest teams by the strength of their top 11 players, manager rankings by level and experience, as well as the top players of each team. In the future, there are plans to expand the number of available statistical summaries.

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