🦥11.2. Lazy Alpha: Genesis Collection in Lazy Soccer

Collection Overview

Lazy Alpha is the genesis collection in Lazy Soccer, consisting of 1010 NFTs, which were minted in May 2022 on the Solana blockchain at an initial price of $35 per NFT. These NFTs can be purchased on Tensor Trade. During the open beta testing, there are plans to open a bridge for transferring NFTs to the Arbitrum One network.

Distribution of Rarity

  • Common: 650 NFT

  • Uncommon: 200 NFT

  • Rare: 100 NFT

  • Epic: 40 NFT

  • Legendary: 10 NFT

  • Mythic: 10 NFT

Breeding and Creating New NFTs

Breeding is the process in which two Lazy Alpha NFTs are combined to create a new Lazy Staff NFT. The rarity of the resulting NFT depends on the rarity of the parent NFTs.

After breeding, the NFTs Lazy Alpha that participated in it, as well as the NFT Lazy Staff that resulted from the breeding, enter a cooldown period of 72 hours and cannot participate in new breedings or rarity upgrades.

Cost Details and Probability of Obtaining a Particular Breeding Outcome

Important: The cost of breeding varies depending on the rarity of the NFTs used and increases by 35% after each breeding, but decreases by 15% every 24 hours.

Column Descriptions

  • Rarity: This column lists possible breeding combinations using Lazy Alpha NFTs of various rarities. Rarities are indicated as C (Common), U (Uncommon), R (Rare), E (Epic), L (Legendary), M (Mythic).

  • Result Probability: The columns L (Legendary), E (Epic), R (Rare), U (Uncommon), C (Common) display the probability of obtaining a Lazy Staff NFT of the corresponding rarity as a result of breeding. This data helps players assess their chances of acquiring high-rarity NFTs based on the rarity of the Lazy Alpha NFTs used for breeding.

  • Gems: This column shows the base number of gems required for breeding. The value is presented with a heating coefficient of 1, indicating the standard cost of breeding without adjustments for cost increases or decreases resulting from previous breedings.

Example of the Breeding Process in Lazy Soccer

Initial Data: In this example, two Lazy Alpha NFTs of Rare rarity are used (R + R according to the table above).

Probabilities of Obtaining NFTs of Various Rarities

  • Legendary: 0.5%

  • Epic: 2.5%

  • Rare: 15%

  • Uncommon: 32%

  • Common: 50%

Process and Results

  • Heating Coefficient (mechanism that regulates the cost of certain operations): The breeding was conducted with a basic heating coefficient of 1, indicating that there were no previous increases in breeding costs due to recent operations.

  • Breeding Outcome: As a result of the breeding, an Uncommon rarity Lazy Staff NFT was obtained. The probability of this outcome was 32%, making this result one of the most likely among the possible options, considering the rarity of the original NFTs.

This example demonstrates how the probabilities listed in the breeding table are realized in practice. Understanding these probabilities helps players strategically plan their NFT management actions, anticipate possible outcomes, and optimize their resources to achieve the best results.

Exclusive Opportunities for Lazy Alpha Owners

Owners of Lazy Alpha NFTs can create their own Unions — special groups for players to communicate, conduct joint gaming events, and earn collective bonuses, thereby strengthening social connections within the game.

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