🦥11.1. Lazy Staff: Main Game NFT Collection in Lazy Soccer

Collection Overview

The main in-game NFT collection in Lazy Soccer Collection Overview: Lazy Staff consists of key characters in the game that directly influence the effectiveness of your team's development. Each character possesses a set of specific skills, including:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Accounting

  • Scouting

  • Training

  • Medicine

Rarity and Skills

Lazy Staff are classified into five rarity levels, each of which provides a different amount of skill points:

  • Common: 20 skill points

  • Uncommon: 40 skill points

  • Rare: 60 skill points

  • Epic: 80 skill points

  • Legendary: 100 skill points

At the start of the game, 10,000 NFTs are available, all with the Common rarity, randomly distributed with 10 skill points, and the possibility to distribute the remaining 10 skill points independently.

Creating and Updating NFTs

  1. Rarity upgrade: You can upgrade the rarity of Lazy Staff by burning two NFTs of lower rarity and adding a predetermined amount of gems, which must be available in your in-game balance. After the upgrade, the new NFT enters a cooldown period of 72 hours and cannot participate in other upgrades during this time.

  • Uncommon = 2 Common + 5 gems

  • Rare = 2 Uncommon + 10 gems

  • Epic = 2 Rare + 20 gems

  • Legendary = 2 Epic + 40 gems

  1. Lazy Alpha Breeding: Owners of two Lazy Alpha NFTs can participate in the breeding process, resulting in the creation of a new Lazy Staff NFT. After breeding, the new Lazy Staff NFT, as well as both participating Lazy Alpha NFTs, enter a cooldown period of 72 hours and cannot participate in other upgrades or breeding during this time. The unique skills of the new NFT are determined as follows:

  • Skill Distribution: When creating a new NFT, 50% of its skills are randomly generated, adding an element of uncertainty and the potential to obtain unique combinations.

  • Manual Allocation: The remaining 50% of skills are provided to the manager for manual allocation. This allows the manager to tailor the new NFT to the specific needs of their team or strategy.

Usage of NFT

  • The effectiveness of NFTs in specialized buildings depends on the level of developed skills. Higher skills make NFTs more valuable for specific functions in the game.

  • It is important to assign to each building a Lazy Staff NFT with the maximum specialized skill to improve its performance. Also, remember to allocate the unallocated skills based on the current or strategic requirements of your team.

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