🦥17. Experience and levels of Lazy Soccer Managers

Experience Points (XP)

Experience Points are earned by managers for various interactions in the game, including engagement with NFTs and inviting new players using referral codes. Detailed information about the amount of XP for specific actions is available in the "Profile" section. However, specific XP values for actions are intentionally not disclosed to encourage natural engagement with the game mechanics.

Level Progression

Every manager starts at level one, gradually increasing it through accumulated experience. With each new level, 250 more experience points are required than for the previous one. For example, if it takes 1750 experience points to advance from level 8 to level 9, it will take 2000 points to go from level 9 to level 10.

Experience Value

  • Team Enhancement: With each new level, the team gains an additional bonus of +0.1% in all matches, providing an advantage in competitions. For example, reaching level 30, the manager will gain an additional +3% strength for their team.

  • Leaderboard: Experience level also affects the manager's position in the leaderboards, which will have greater significance in future game updates and events.

Why Aim for Level Advancement

Increasing your level not only strengthens your team but also unlocks new opportunities for strategic management and participation in exclusive competitions available only to experienced managers. Additionally, your level may come in handy for various other purposes in the future.

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