🦥13. Seasons and tournaments organization in Lazy Soccer

Seasons and National Leagues

  • Season Length: Each season lasts approximately two months, during which all scheduled matches are played.

  • National League Structure: Lazy Soccer has 32 top divisions, each with 16 teams. Thus, the total number of teams in the top divisions is 512, and doubles in the next most prestigious divisions: 1024 in the second, 2048 in the third, and so on. Divisions are added as needed.

  • Domestic leagues expansion: As new managers come in, the league structure changes and new divisions are added to increase competition and opportunity.

Team Rotation

  • Vertical rotation: Determined based on the results of the season, with the best teams promoted to higher divisions and the worst teams relegated.

  • Horizontal Rotation: Teams that are promoted to higher divisions or relegated to lower ones can be placed in absolutely any division, regardless of which division they played in before. This allows teams to face different opponents each season, keeping the competition fresh.


  • Amateur Conference: Initially, all managers start the game in the Amateur Conference, where they play according to the “Swiss system”. The most successful of them are promoted to the National Leagues after the first season.

  • Championship: Each team plays 30 matches per season, playing home and away against every opponent in their division.

  • League Cup: Includes all teams from one country, there are knockout matches.

  • Champions League: A tournament for the elite teams that finished first and second in the highest leagues in the previous season, divided into groups, followed by play-offs and a final.

  • Leaders Cup: A tournament for the third and fourth placed teams in the highest leagues, with rules similar to the Champions League.

Awards and Bonuses

Reward system: Teams receive rewards for their achievements from the previous season throughout the next season, which motivates them to continue participating and winning competitions.

During the open beta, only two types of matches will be available - Amateur Conference and Friendly matches.

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