🦥10. Market in Lazy Soccer

Main Functions

The Market is the central place for trading players, NFTs, and gems in Lazy Soccer. This building is not subject to upgrades, but it may expand in the future with the addition of new game assets.

Player Trading

  • Listing for Sale: When listing a player on the market, you need to specify a starting price (ranging from 50% to 250% of the base price set by algorithms), a deadline for offers (ranging from 24 to 72 hours), and optionally, a blitz price for instant buyout.

  • Viewing Bids: You can monitor active bids on players in real-time by selecting the player of interest on the market and navigating to the "View bids" section.

Skill filters: Use filters to search for players based on specific characteristics. For example, if you need a central forward with a shooting skill above 100.

Managing Offers and Bids

  • Transaction history: In the "History" section, you'll find a record of all your purchases and sales.

  • My bids and offers: The "My Bids" and "My Asks" sections allow you to track your bids on other players and offers for players you've listed on the market.

After adding a web3 wallet to the application, you gain access to the following features on the marketplace:

  • Buying NFTs: You can purchase any NFT from the marketplace if you have enough USDC and ETH in your wallet balance to cover the blockchain transaction fees.

  • Listing NFTs: You can list your NFT for sale on the marketplace at any price you choose. If the NFT is dimmed and marked with a hammer icon, it means it's your NFT. Tapping on it will open options to change the listing price or remove it from sale (delist).

  • Monitoring transaction status: In the event history section, each transaction displays its status: successfully completed (green checkmark), failed (red cross), or in progress (yellow circle).

Trading Gems

Buying and selling gems: Gems can be bought and sold in a separate section, where they are grouped by price. Your offers are marked with a special tag, and tapping on an offer allows you to remove the gems from sale.

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