🦥4. First Steps in Playing Lazy Soccer

After successfully creating your team, you will arrive at the main game screen, which displays key information about the state of your club at the top:

  • Manager Login — your unique identifier in the game.

  • Team Name — the name you chose for your club.

  • Total Team Strength — the strength of your 11 strongest players: 1 goalkeeper and 10 field players. It's recommended to pay attention not only to the overall strength but also to key skills that define the tactics and strategy of your team.

  • Amount of Gems — an important game asset that can be traded for USDC on the in-game Market.

  • Amount of USDC — the available amount of USDC in your wallet on the Arbitrum One network (during the testnet — Arbitrum Sepolia). Initially, you need to create or connect a wallet.

  • Virtual currency LAZY (at the start, all teams receive 10,000,000) — a currency that cannot be sold but plays a significant role in the gameplay.

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