Lazy Staff

Lazy Staff NFT collection is one of the main in-game assets – «tokenized staff members».

Lazy Staff NFTs work in buildings owned by the soccer club and boost their efficiency. In order to start bringing gaming benefits, an NFT staff member must be placed by manager to work in the most suitable building.

Staff members have skills connected to the NFTs. It means that for another manager, who can buy this NFT on the market and use it in the game, the skills will be the same.

Common information about the collection:

  • Mint date: April 3rd 2024.

  • Mint price: $30

  • Total supply: 10.000 NFTs.

  • Chain: Arbitrum One.


Lazy Staff NFT members have certain skills, but at the same time they are inherently universal. This means that any of them can be placed to work in any building. However, their skills are dedicated to boosting the efficiency of particular buildings. The higher the values of profile characteristics, the better they will perform their direct duties.


Active at an office. It decreases all maintenance costs and player's salaries.

Active at a medical center. It generates instant heal consumables over time for injured players.

Active at a training center. It positively increases the range of skills that gain values after trainings and also helps players grow faster.

Active at a fitness center. It increases the efficiency of energy recovery for players.

Active at a sports school. It improves the skills of young players who study at the club's sports school.

Rarity update

Lazy Staff NFTs owners can improve rarity of their NFTs by merging two lower rarity NFTs into a higher rarity one. The original two are burned in this process.

To make a rarity update, both original Lazy Staff NFTs must have the same rarity (common + common, uncommon + uncommon and so on).

The update also costs a manager some number of gems, an update fee. The sum depends on the rarity tier: the higher the rarity, the more expensive it is.

Rarity Upgrade Table


Skill Distribution System

Lazy Staff NFTs have a complex skill distribution system aimed at maintaining a balance between the uniqueness and starting value of each NFT, as well as the ability to manually adjust skills.

The maximum possible skill level for any specialist is 100. There are 20 skill points available for each NFT rarity level, half of which is randomly distributed, and the other half can be manually distributed by the manager.

Rarity tierTotal number of skills






Distribution of NFT skills obtained by upgrading the rarity

NFTs, created from the Lazy Staff rarity upgrade, are based on the arithmetic average of the parents' skills; 10 out of 20 points received for a new rarity level are distributed randomly; 10 more can be distributed manually by the manager.

Distribution of NFT skills obtained as a result of breeding

NFTs, created by the owners of two Lazy Alphas, receive 50% of their skills randomly, and the second 50% can be manually distributed by the manager.

The higher a certain skill of the NFT, the more effective it works in a specialized building. Thus, distribution can become a significant factor in determining value of the NFT.

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