Achieved goals

December 2021. Project Initiation The birth of the idea, the creation of Twitter and Discord accounts.
January 2022. Website Release & Lazy Soccer Staff Art First Version Release of the first version of the game website, as well as starting the development of the first version of the art for the game NFT collection, Lazy Soccer Staff, with football teams’ staff characters.
January 2022. Initial Investment Initial investment gathered from FFF — mainly members of the founder’s existing crypto community.
February 2022. Lazy Alpha Collection Development Development of the concept of the Lazy Alpha genesis NFT collection, which is the main utilitarian collection of the project, and preparation for its launch.
February 2022 — April 2022. Pause Caused by the War The Lazy Soccer project team, which includes citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, categorically condemns the war of Russia against Ukraine. Since some members of the team and their families, as well as most of the «early adopters» of the project, were affected by the war to one degree or another, the start of the development of the project was postponed to a later date.
May 2022. Lazy Alpha Collection Mint Mint of the Lazy Alpha genesis NFT collection, creation of a private community on its basis.
June 2022. GDD Development Start working on the Lazy Soccer game design, which resulted in a 210-page Game Design Document (GDD).
July 2022. Start of Game Development Start developing a game app in Unity.
October 2022. Lazy Family (ex Dust City) Collection Mint Mint of the Lazy Family community collection to attract a new audience to the project.
November 2022. Lazy Soccer Staff Art Second Version Development of the second version of the art for the Lazy Soccer Staff game NFT collection.
November 2022. Match Simulator Development Start working on a match simulator based on football logic and tactics.
December 2022. Lazy Soccer Staff Art Final Version Start working on the third, final version of the art for the Lazy Soccer Staff game NFT collection.
January 2023. Whitepaper Release Release of the first whitepaper version.
January 2023. Launch of Quests Starting a Zealy quest program, the most active participants of which receive valuable gaming boosters when the game is released.
February 2023. Tokens Usage Idea Rejection Abandonment of initial plans to use fungible tokens in the game due to awareness of high risks and corresponding whitepaper update.
February 2023. Lazy Soccer Twitter Spaces Launch The first Lazy Soccer Twitter Spaces, which later evolved into Lazy Spaces and were held weekly from March to August 2023, after which it was decided to reduce the frequency of Twitter Spaces to bi-weekly events.
March 2023. First Gaming Contracts Deployment Deployment of the first gaming contracts on the Polygon Mumbai testnet.
April 2023. Lazy Soccer Staff Presale Presale of the Lazy Soccer Staff game collection, which resulted in private investors (FFF) purchasing 68% with a total supply of 10,000 NFT and a presale price of $25-25.5.
April 2023. Lazy Soccer Staff Art Approvement Completion of work on the final version of the Lazy Soccer Staff game NFT collection and preparation for the mint.
May 2023. Bridge Development Deployment of our own bridge on the Polygon Mumbai testnet to transfer the Lazy Alpha genesis NFT collection from the Solana network.
May 2023. Lazy Soccer Staff Mint Postponement Postponement of the Lazy Soccer Staff mint due to unsatisfactory market conditions and other negative factors to a later period but not earlier than the game's open beta release.
June 2023. Trailer & Game Presentation at 3XP Convention, LA Release of the first version of the game’s 3D trailer, including gameplay elements, presentation of the trailer at the Lazy Soccer booth at the 3XP Web3 gaming convention in Los Angeles.
September 2023. Closed Beta Preparation Preparation for closed beta testing of the Android and iOS versions of the game.

Short-term goals

Q4 2023. Closed Beta Launch Launch of closed beta testing among community members.
Q4 2023. Open Beta & Game Release Preparations Transition to open beta testing and preparation for iOS / Android game release.
Q4 2023. Lazy Soccer WebGL Release WebGL version development completion and its release.
2024. Tournaments Launch Run a tournament between game communities and content creators.
2024. Active Marketing Campaigns Start marketing campaigns to attract players from Web2 and Web3.
2024. Football Influencers & Players Attraction Attracting football influencers, local football stars for native promotion of the game.
2024. Gameplay Improvements Implementation of gameplay elements from the GDD that were not included in the first versions of the application.
2024-2025. AI Simulation of Matches
2024-2025. 3D Visualization of Matches

Long-term goals

Lazy Brand Growth Development of the Lazy brand with a cute sloth as a main character to attract children’s attention to football and wellbeing.
Football School & Team Creation Creation of our own football school in one of the Central European countries, followed by the creation of our own team.