Value Proposition

Lazy Soccer is a community-oriented game. Our intention is to create an enjoyable, reliable and trusted product that will unite soccer lovers, strategy players and Web3 enthusiasts in a friendly and supportive community. As a product team, we intend to devote our time to foster the growth of this community for maximum efficiency.

That being said, we would like to introduce our key value propositions for the project:

We intend to constantly provide detailed oversight of the game economy and mechanics in their actual states, leaving no spaces unanswered, and consulting the community on any significant change. We will not ask the community to entrust us, but we will also provide the reasons to obtain the community's trust.

We are committed to ensuring stability and reliability for the long term. Our goal is to demonstrate how to make the product self-sufficient and sustainable. By focusing on these principles, we aim to build a platform that not only meets the current demands of our users but also adapts and thrives into the future.

We recognize significant potential in this niche and are honored to contribute to enriching the industry with innovative ideas. Our commitment is to bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions that resonate with the community.

All new features, gameplay mechanics, and significant improvements in "Lazy Soccer" will be developed in alignment with the community's feedback. This ensures that updates and enhancements truly benefit the players, fostering a game that evolves through collaborative input.

We regard free trade as a fundamental element of the game. The prices for players and NFTs in the market will be determined by market equilibrium, ensuring a dynamic and fair trading environment where supply and demand dictate value. This approach allows players to engage in strategic transactions, fostering a vibrant and responsive marketplace.

Success in the game will be influenced by many factors, with prudent thought and smart play standing out as the defining elements. Players who excel in strategic thinking and clever gameplay will find themselves well-positioned to achieve victory and reap rewards.

We anticipate that our Managers will relish the intellectual competitions, enjoy the entertainment value, and engage in social participation. We also expect them to appreciate the creativity embedded in all in-game activities, immerse themselves deeply in the user experience, and cherish the distinctive characteristics of their beloved sloth characters. Our game aims to deliver a rich, engaging experience that combines strategy, community, and fun.

We have chosen a strategy of an independent formation and development of Lazy Soccer, which means no influence from big investors, since their interests are usually built against the community needs. Moreover, overall marketing and market procedure strategies that are supported by investors are often ruining the efficiency of decisions that are being taken and harm the gaming process. We have done our utmost to avoid that.

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