💱Game Economy

The in-game economy of Lazy Soccer relies on the utilization of in-game assets such as gems and the in-game currency LAZY, as well as interactions with NFTs and the stablecoin USDC on the Arbitrum One blockchain (upon its mainnet release).

Main Assets and Tokens


  • Used to pay for boosts, accelerators (instant construction, training, etc.).

  • Necessary for purchasing LAZY, breeding Lazy Alpha NFTs, and increasing the rarity of Lazy Staff NFTs.

  • Users can participate in friendly matches with gem stakes.

  • Can be purchased with USDC, but withdrawal from the game is not available; however, gems can be sold on the internal market.


  • The main in-game currency used for player salaries, building and maintaining facilities, and buying and selling players on the market.

  • Provided to all users at the start of the game in equal amounts, earned during gameplay, purchasable with gems, and not eligible for sale or withdrawal from the game.


  • Used for purchasing gems and trading NFTs on the market.


  • Required in the wallet to pay transaction fees on the Arbitrum One network.

A small percentage of in-game transactions will be reserved as a commission to maintain the project's balance and support ongoing maintenance and the development of new features.

The entire strategic gameplay revolves around finding balance and thoughtful long-term planning. Tactics demand foresight and a deep understanding of team play, prioritizing cohesion over simply having top-tier players on your team.

Smart utilization of in-game mechanics enables managers to execute their innovative ideas and compete with those who possess a substantial amount of digital assets.

Special emphasis will be placed on the soccer player transfer market workflow, as it holds the potential to serve as a substantial source of rewards for the team, surpassing other avenues.

Furthermore, opportunities presented by NFT trading will always remain accessible.

Disclaimer: Any risks arising from unsuccessful trading are responsibility of a user.

We’re always happy to share the project success with our community and are already planning rewards for players that will take part in special events.

The game economy is actively adapted and optimized during beta testing to ensure a balance between resource availability and incentivizing players to be active and engage in strategic planning.

Lazy Soccer offers a complex and multi-level economic system where strategic resource management plays a crucial role in the success of each manager.

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