💼Lazy Soccer Funding

The Lazy Soccer project was funded through contributions from early community members, most of whom were crypto enthusiasts.

Initial funds were raised through the following activities: Minting of the Lazy Alpha NFT Collection: Conducted in 2022, the total amount raised was approximately $35,000.

Pre-sale of Lazy Boxes NFT Collection: 10,000 out of 11,000 NFTs were pre-sold in 2022 (to be released before the game launches on the Arbitrum One mainnet). The sale was limited to 50 private investors, with each allowed to invest no more than $15,000. The total amount raised was $250,000.

Pre-sale of Lazy Staff NFT Collection: 6,800 out of 10,000 NFTs from the initial issuance were pre-sold in 2023 (to be released before the game launches on the Arbitrum One mainnet). A total of 477 wallets participated, with the total amount raised being $170,000.

The total amount of investments at the moment of writing this Whitepaper has reached $455,000. It is important to note that currently, the project does not have its own token, and no share of the company has been sold to external investors, remaining entirely in the hands of its founders. This emphasizes the unique and independent nature of the project's financing.

The entire project team expresses immense gratitude to the community, which has supported us throughout these 2 years from the beginning of development to the start of open beta testing.

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