Intro Lazy Soccer

Lazy StaffGlossary

  • Game — Lazy Soccer Game.
  • Manager — a player, and operator of the Game.
  • Player — a virtual soccer player (a sloth).


Lazy Soccer is a Web3 multidevice free-to-play soccer management simulator.
In Lazy Soccer gamers take charge of a soccer team of artistically designed sloth characters. Build and develop the infrastructure necessary to maintain a team, train players, determine their tactics and ensure match readiness. Use deep thinking, mental prowess, analytical skills, and strategic planning to become the strongest manager and win the main Tournament.
Lazy Soccer Trailer
Manage and develop your NFT staff (Lazy Staff NFT collection). These are your dedicated specialists who will do all in their power to increase the valuable parameters of your team’s game. Level them up, get new Lazy Staff NFT by using Lazy Alpha NFTs («breeding» mechanics), and of course trade them with other managers.
Lazy Soccer Demo Build
Even though the players and Lazy Staff NFTs are essential, they do not determine success all on their own. A strong and solid team is only a foundation to be built upon for future victories, as illustrated in our match simulations. The winner will exemplify success through the use of implementing tactics as well.
Enabling the right tactics, searching for playstyle’s that can deliver that best possible outcome, and installing your players accurately to obtain maximum efficiency all while trying to predict the opponent’s weaknesses and find a key to win.
And only by implementing the right tactics, the weaker team can beat a more higher ranking team!
With the Lazy Soccer app, your success may be rewarded by game digital assets!
Lazy Soccer provides a transparent and reliable closed game economy model. This system allows every participant to test his own skills and compete for high rewards.
Think to win!
Winning matches is not the only way to be rewarded with the digital assets on Lazy Soccer! You can also create, upgrade and sell Lazy Staff NFT on a marketplace. In our community-driven project the Managers themselves create the market: prices correlated by supply and demand. Hence, you are empowered to study the market, and conduct good deals.
You will be able to test your skills against friends and stake as many digital assets as you wish and/or have for friendly matches with terms freely agreed upon by the opponents.
In Lazy Soccer you will be provided the opportunity to sharpen your mind while socializing within a cohesive and active community we set to establish.
Join Unions to find new friends, get useful membership bonuses, compete with other unions and receive rewards proportionally to your contribution!
Lazy Alpha NFTs holders will be able to create their own Unions. Union Masters will be responsible for a Union’s treasury that is composed of a Manager's contributions. The treasury can be used for supporting Union buildings which gives bonuses to all members of the Union.
Winning official matches will also give Union members contribution points, which can be spent in the Union shop for individual boosters, consumables, or even new players.
Enjoy interesting, immersive and challenging gameplay, which is neither «idle» nor time-consuming, and requires brief time to make quick decisions, but may take significantly more time for these decisions to be ascertained thoroughly!