A small percentage of in-game transactions is going to be reserved as a commission in order to support the project balance in proper condition. That will allow us to fund maintenance and the development of new features.
The whole strategic gameplay is based on searching balance and literate long term planning. The tactics require greater foresight and team play understanding rather than having top tier players in your team.
The wise usage of in-game mechanics may allow managers to pull off their fresh ideas and compete with those who own a large amount of tokens.
Special attention will be paid to the soccer players transfer market workflow, since it may become a great source of income for the team (much more significant than other income sources).
Moreover, the speculative opportunities provided by NFT trading will always be available. Disclaimer: no one but you will handle the risks caused by unsuccessful speculations.
We’re always happy to share the project success with our community and are already planning budgets to reward players that will take part in special events.