Up to 50 Managers can unite in a Union to socialize, perform Union activities and receive common bonuses.
To create a Union, the Manager must have a Lazy Alpha NFT and a communication center with a 5th level minimum.

Union ratings

As the Union members play official matches, they score rating points for their Union, which come down to the mere sum of their individual rating points.
Individual rating points depend highly on the match result (nothing for the loss, little for the draw and high for the win) and match tier — winning a world cup final will bring much more than a local 3rd division match.
After each tour, all the Union's rating tables are updated, and the Union members can view their Union’s place in the top.
When the season ends the best Unions are going to be rewarded with valuable prizes according to the Union leaderboard positions they have acquired throughout the season.
With this, to be competitive, the Union must have many members, and the members must win the high-tier matches.

Recruiting policies

Union Masters can set the recruiting policy — the Union can be either open (anyone can join), or closed — recruits must go through the manual acceptance by the master or Officers to become members.
Members can be manually kicked by the Master or Officers.


There are 3 ranks of members in the Union — simple members, the Master and the Officers.
The Master is the Manager who created the Union or received a title from a previous Master. He can add/kick any members, start/abort building processes, appoint/demote Officers. The Master can hand over this position to any other member. The Master must choose a member to hand over their position in case of leaving the Union.

Contribution points

Contribution points are gained by the Union members in several ways.
→ First: Simply having a communication center provides a member with daily contribution points, depending on the building’s level.
→ Second: Contribution points are scored proportionally to individual rating points, gained for good performance on official matches.
Contribution points can be spent for purchasing special items in a Union shop.

Union shop

Union shop contains temporary boosters and other useful items, including those, allowing to search for new free players. The items are available for purchasing with contribution points. The list of available items expands, as the Union develops its Union shop building.

Union buildings

Union buildings give permanent bonuses to all Union members. Building them, however, is very expensive for one manager. So there is a possibility for all the members to donate digital assets for a certain building. 1st level buildings exist in every Union by default.
Once built, Union buildings do not require money for maintenance.

Union buildings list

Union office
On each level, a maximum of 5, which increases the maximum quantity of members by 10.
Union shop
On each level, a maximum of 5, which unlocks new items in a Union shop.
Union staff center
On each level, а maximum of 5, which increases an NFT experience gain factor by 5%.