Seasons, leagues, rotation and tournaments


The game process is divided into seasons, which will last around two months. Within a season, all matches that are required are played. After the conclusion to a season, rotations between divisions and leagues are executed based on a team’s seasonal scores.
Teams also gain seasonal rewards for the following season based on the previous season’s results.


All Managers start their first season in an «Amateur's conference», where they will be matched to an equal opponent(s) with a so-called «Swiss-system» tournament. This will allow new players to ascertain how to play the game and taste their first victories, and prevent themselves from being «bullied» by more advanced and experienced players.
Those who manage to produce good results after the first season (the biggest part of total amateurs) will be promoted to the Leagues for the next season.
There will be a predefined amount of Leagues, multiple of 16, randomly and evenly filled with successful teams from the Conference. The teams of every League will be divided into divisions with 16 teams in each league.
In between the seasons, with the quantity of new Managers growing, we intend to change the League's structure, adding new lower divisions to some Leagues and allowing more and more Managers to be promoted from within the Amateurs.
Depending on the total team's quantity, the divisions structure and the quantity of the teams that are rotated will be subject to change. Any adjustments will be of course announced beforehand.



After each season, the best teams of every division come higher in rotation (excluding the 1st divisions), and the worst teams of each division come down to the lower divisions, the same quantity for each lower division. Depending on the rotation rules and particular division, from 2 to 8 teams may be rotated vertically.


Teams, changing their division after the season, will also randomly change in their league, i.e. will appear in a new random division of lower or a higher tier. This will allow Managers to meet more opponents and try their chances and skills against new random ones each new season.

Rotation between the Conference and the Leagues

After each season, a number of teams are taken to the Leagues from the conference. The quantity of promotion will be the quantity of the lowest divisions in the League, multiplied by the quantity of relegated teams. This will be the calculation that will be made for each League. The League to be promoted is also chosen randomly.
Accordingly, the equal number of the worst teams come from the Leagues to the Conference. They will spend the next season in the Conference and will have a chance to be promoted back to the Leagues afterwards.
We intend to constantly add new divisions, as the number of new Managers grows, so having a set of Lazy Soccer Staff NFT plus some logical reasoning and strategy will be highly probable to allow you to come up to the leagues after the first season.



Each season, all teams play 30 obligatory Championship matches (16 teams in each division): 2 matches (one home and one away) with every other team in the division. The points that were gained in the championship is a basis for vertical rotation.

League Сup

Apart from the Championship, the League Cup is also held each season. The League Cup results do not affect the team’s rating in the national ranking and do not influence the rotation calculations.
In the League Cup, all teams within the group of the league will compete, regardless of the division. The matchmaking system is a knockout game.

Champions League

2 best teams of upper leagues defined by the Championship results will get an opportunity to take part in top tier Lazy Soccer tournament — Champions League.
64 teams are being split into 8 groups of 4 teams. Each team has to play 2 matches between the others (6 matches totally). Then leaders of each group are going to take part in play off series. Play off pairs are being composed randomly. As a next step teams have to play 2 matches between each other at 1/8 finals, quarterfinal, semi-final and final. Final consists of 1 match.

Leaders Сup

After the Championship, the third and the fourth best teams of all leagues play the Leader's cup. The rules will be the same as the Champions League.

Friendly Matches

Friendly matches can be organized between any Managers on their own circumstances, and rewards consist of their own digital assets.
Friendly matches do not affect the team's strategic parameters. They can be held on the same days as any of the official matches, and multiple friendly matches can be held on the same day as well.