Players are the team’s main asset — they all are living and growing individuals with their own traits, stats and potential.
The players are being automatically generated right after you create the team. Later on the manager will get an opportunity to grow new talented players in the sports school or purchase some on the transfer market.
For a sports school draft, a player's starting parameters are determined by the school level and a random factor.
Player’s appearances (the picture on a player’s card) is modular, and it is generated by randomly choosing from the sets of elements, like their haircut, face, fur color (always keeping in mind that the players are actually sloths). A soccer t-shirt, however, will indefinitely remain the same and will match the team’s color set.


On creation, players receive one favourite position, which cannot be changed.
There are 3 groups of positions — Forwards, Defenders, Midfielders. In each group, there are 3 positions — Left, Central and right.
Players have a maximum efficiency (1x Power multiplier) when playing in the position which matches their favourite.
Players will have lower efficiency when playing on position, which matches their group but doesn’t match their favourite position itself (for example, Central forward playing as Left forward).
Players have little efficiency when playing on positions that don’t match their group.


The Goalkeeper is a special position, which is not included into any groups. Any other specialization player will have very little efficiency at the goalkeeper’s position. The goalkeeper will have very little efficiency in any other position, as well.


Wingers and laterals are «semi-positions», used in more modern formations. They can be used in the «traditional» ones as well. Wingers play with maximum efficiency on the left or right Winger position itself, and on the according (left or right) midfielder position.
Wingbacks can reach the highest efficiency level on their native positions and the positions of the flank defenders.


Players have 6 skills. Different skills influence the player’s performance in different match situations, and are developed independently.
Sum of all these skills values determines the strategic parameter to count the player’s salary and recognition: a player’s influence.
When counting collision results, the skills value are also influenced by some other factors, which serve as multipliers to the default value: a player’s physical form, player’s preferred position, chosen tactics and some traits.

The skills:

A Player
A Goalkeeper
  • Defense
  • Shot
  • Speed
  • Technique
  • Pass
  • Head play
  • Clearance
  • Intuition
  • Reaction
  • Jumps
  • Outside play
  • Positioning


Traits serve as multipliers to the player's performance and growth.
All the players can have a maximum of 4 traits, which are opened gradually, after the player has played 5, 15, 30 and 60 official matches accordingly.
The traits can be positive or negative. Each one of them has its own level.
When several multipliers are present, they are all summed and then applied to the default value.
A paid option to reroll traits is present, but all the traits are rerolled together, both negative and positive, and each new reroll is much more expensive than the previous one.