Match simulation

The Managers will be able to send line-ups for upcoming matches and pre-define tactics any time before the match's date and time. The opponent's lineup and tactics will obviously be hidden before a game.
The match itself can be played outside of a Manager’s presence. And, In a situation when a Manager is not present, a match can be displayed as a replay.
However, both opponents can choose to watch the match live. In this circumstance, they will be able to adjust tactics and player replacements just in the middle of the match.


We use a complicated match simulation, «playing it live» on the server side. We generate hundreds of connected events, where each player moves, makes decisions and participates in «duels» (collisions) with other players: be it a fight for the ball or an attempt to be released from the opposite player’s cover.


In these events, player’s will not have their skills compared: chosen tactics may serve as a multiplier, positive for some collisions and negative to others. A player's physical form, fatigue, and even temperament are also relevant.
For example, an exceedingly confident player will overestimate their own chances and get involved in more risky collisions, while a cautious one will never take many risks.


The Manager can choose different playstyles for the match, from Super-defensive to Super-attacking, which will boost the success of certain collisions on the cost of lowering the chance of success of the others. Playstyle will also influence the decisions of the players on engaging or avoiding certain collisions.


Lazy Soccer is going to have a big variety of formations. Overall, the amount of formations provided is going to be sufficient, so finding a key to break through the enemy defense (or, likewise, not to let the enemy break through yours) is going to become a complex and creative task.


The Manager can decide, who and under which circumstances will be the player who engages in battle for the ball (pressing). For example, with the defensive pressing variant, the forwards will not try to fight for the ball and keep their focus on the other probabilities.

Strike length

The Manager can choose if their players will execute far (possibly less likely to be successful) strikes, or try to breach closer to the gates before striking.

Defense line height

Determines the defender's placement at the beginning of a match, their «active area» and, therefore, the degree of their involvement into a team’s offensive actions.
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