Lazy Soccer Staff

Lazy Soccer Staff NFT’s (aka Staff) utility will be one of the main in-game assets – «tokenized staff members». For the team to be successful, Lazy Soccer Staff NFT members must be developed constantly. Leveling them will be available by doing simple gameplay activities, and there are also more complicated mechanics like rarity updates.
Lazy Soccer Staff NFT members work in the base buildings and boost their efficiency. To have a working Staff member, the Manager must place one of the owned NFTs into a building.
Staff members have skills tied to the NFT (which means that for another Manager, who has bought this NFT and uses it, the skills will be saved).

Experience and leveling

All Lazy Soccer Staff NFT members on the game account will receive experience from any valuable Manager’s action (i.e. send a request for a match, sell a player, your game login).
Gaining enough experience allows a Staff member to reach a new level. For each new level, the staff members acquire skill points. Each new level requires more experience.


Lazy Soccer Staff NFT members themselves are universal, which means that any Lazy Soccer Staff NFT member can be placed into any building.
Their skills are dedicated to boosting the efficiency of the particular buildings.
Active at an office. This decreases all maintenance costs and player's salaries
Active at a medical center. This generates instant heal consumables over time for injured players
Active at a training center. This positively increases the range of skills that gain values after trainings
Active at a stadium. This Increases the number of visitors for home matches
Active at a sports school. This decreases the chance of getting negative traits for all team’s players
Lazy Soccer Staff NFT will feature a sophisticated system of skills allocation, aimed to maintain balance between the uniqueness, and the starting value of each NFT, and the ability to manually adjust skills.
For each new level, the Staff members will receive from 2 to 12 skill points depending on their rarity. Half of these points can be distributed manually and freely.
The other half will be distributed automatically, proportionally to the starting characteristics on generation. This means that the NFT, which has gained 10 Medicine skill upon creation, will most likely proceed gaining medicine points automatically, while for the NFT with the evenly generated skill allocation it will be the even chances to get any of the skills.
Since the most effective will be the NFTs developed fully at one skill, starting skill allocation is going to be a serious value-determining factor.

Experience multipliers

Experience gain rate for all NFTs can be multiplied with daily tasks completion bonuses, consumable temporary bonuses and union bonuses.

Daily tasks

Regularly completing daily tasks may boost NFT's experience gain for +5% daily up to 150%. Missing a day will decrease 5% from the multiplier rate (however, experience gain rate cannot be less than 100%).
Temporary bonuses
Temporary bonuses from the in-game shop can be applied any time and temporarily boost experience gain rate according to their value. This boost can be applied over daily tasks limit and boost experience gain for another +25%. Different temporary bonuses cannot be stacked — they are applicable only 1 at a time.

Union bonuses

Advanced union can provide union members with Lazy Soccer Staff NFT experience gain bonuses up to +25%. This bonus can be applied over daily tasks limit and temporary bonuses.


With this, maximum technically possible experience gain multiplier can be 200%: 100% default value +50% from daily tasks +25% from union +25% from the best temporary bonus.

Rarity update

Lazy Soccer Staff NFT owners can update their NFTs rarity, i.e. merge two lower rarity NFTs into a higher rarity one. The original two are burned in this process.
To make a rarity update, both original Lazy Soccer Staff NFTs must be developed to 20-th level and be of the same rarity.
Update also costs some amount of game resources — update fee. The sum depends on the rarity tier.

The leveling/rarity ratio is not complicated

Rarity tier
Amount of experience to lvl 20
Skill points per level
1 000
2 000
4 000
8 000
16 000
After the rarity upgrade, the «starting skills» of the resulting NFT, which are counted for a skills allocation, will be rebalanced as the average proportion between the starting skills of two parenting NFTs.
The total skill values after the upgrade will be the sum of the parenting NFTs skill values.

Rarity stats

All the Staff NFTs, will depend not just on their rarity, and have 20 levels of development. Rarity, however, determines all the parameters within these 20 levels.
  • Staff members need different amounts of experience to gain new levels, depending on their rarity. It can take approximately a week to develop a common NFT from 1 to 20 lvl, and can take up to 6 month to «grow» a legendary one.
  • Staff members gain different amounts of skill points per level depending on their rarity. When leveling a common one will allow you to distribute 2 skill points per level. For a legendary one, it will be 12.

Pre-game rarity upgrade

We are going to introduce a standalone rarity upgrade module even before the game’s release, so that early supporters can try it, and be in a better position when a game actually starts.